Dancing with the Bachelor

Remember the first time you saw a new TV show?  The Bachelor? Dancing with the Stars?  You likely tuned in and secretly enjoyed the show.  However, after the first season, you quickly grew tired of it.  In fact, it got completely irritating to you – to the point that when you flip on the TV and one of those shows is playing, you immediately switch the channel or even turn the TV off.

This is exactly where I am with Washington politics now, particularly as it relates to the “show” around recent budget talks between the two parties.  I am sick of flipping on the TV and watching both sides play chicken with my savings, my future, and the economy as a whole.  Both sides in the budget debate have made its case, touring the country to garner public support.   Both Republicans and Democrats have described to us in painstaking detail how their position will ultimately save us in the long term.  If we just buy their arguments – and their argument alone – then all the problems facing us will be solved.

But we are not that stupid.  We know that’s not how the game is played and how the show will end.  We all know full well that its’ going to take a little bit of both plans to fix this mess.  Unfortunately, it’s us the viewers of the ridiculousness – you and me -who suffer while these two competing factions run us over a cliff, or more accurately, into the ground.

The President knows full well that we can’t sustain the spending course we are currently on.  He knows full well that there are places that we can afford to make cuts in the budget beyond defense spending.  The GOP in Congress in turn knows that we can’t “cut” ourselves out of this problem.  It is their collective duty to find a solution that cuts waste, AND raises revenue, without impacting the most vulnerable among us.

I don’t know what the answer is to getting these two sides to talk and address the real problems and find compromise.  I don’t know what has to happen to shake them of their delusional thoughts that their way is the only way to solve our collective problems.  Like most people, I am sick of this show.  I can’t stand seeing either side pontificating on TV while they each remain unwilling to address the problem or find common ground.

Hopefully, both sides will write a new script for this show that has both of them coming to the table with a willingness to compromise.  Hopefully, they will realize that there are merits to each other’s argument.  Hopefully, the will find a solution to this problem that shares the pain with all in the fairest way.   Hopefully, they will write this script soon, and realize that we are all tired of watching this Bachelor Dance with the Stars – and we’re about to cancel their show.

A pox on both of your houses.  Figure it out!

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