Your Legacy Is To Be Decided

Congratulations, Mr. President, on your re-election. You have accomplished so much already – you are one of the youngest people to ever hold the office; you were the first African American to be elected President; you caught Osama Bin Laden; you ended the war in Iraq; and you passed comprehensive health care reform. That is an impressive list of things that any other President would be happy to have as their legacy and to be judged by. Unfortunately, your legacy is yet to be defined, but we do know the issue by which you will ultimately be judged. Pass or fail, your legacy will be tied to how you and Congress address the budget and spending issues facing our country.

We know you didn’t create this mess all on your own, but you own it. I know there are people in your party who will say that this is not the issue that we need to be concerned about, but they are wrong. Oh sure, there are Republicans who want to blame you for everything related to spending, but history didn’t start four years ago. Regardless, it’s your mess now. You’re the President, and you have to fix it.

We realize that you don’t control Congress and we don’t expect you to, but we do expect you to lead. It is time to come to the table and meet all 535 Senate and House members head-on, explain the problem, and lay out a vision to fix it. Ask for their support, find common ground, and work with them to find broad solutions so the pain is felt by the many, and not overwhelmingly by the few.

During your victory speech this week you said, “Now is our time, this is our moment.” Nothing could be truer. Americans living today and for several generations to come will live with the consequences of your actions or inactions over the next several years.

Congratulations on your victory, but now it is time to get to work. Your legacy will be determined by what you accomplish from this day forward in correcting our daunting fiscal issues.

Good luck.

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  1. Karen Meinell says:

    Your Legacy is to be decided was well written. I agree whole- heartedly. The American people have put their trust in him by re-electing and giving him another 4 years to fix our fiscal issues. Now all we can do is sit back and see what he does with the next 4 years. I think all Americans would like to see Congress put politics aside and concentrate on the important issues at hand. I really hope that the President will be able to to come up with some sound ideas to fix our bigger problems for the people now and for future generations.

    Thanks Mike for posting the above and sharing it with us on Facebook. I really enjoy your blog.

    Sincerely, Karen Meinell

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